The Discipline of Consistency

Reliable Mechanisms for Achieving Results

"When we want something in life, we need to adopt the mindset of achievement, by incorporating discipline and consistency to our actions. Failing to do so, increases the likelihood of failure, and that's a very simple matter of fact"

Nature is the Teacher

I take my cue from nature because it is result-oriented. It thrives on consistency to create the balance necessary to support all life. There are 24hrs split into morning, afternoon and night each day, of which 7 of these, constitute a week, 4 weeks make up a month, and 12 months completes the cycle; before everything is reset and restarted from scratch. 

This is how all of life has been sustained for millions of years, and the results are self-evident; A meticulous, repetitive, efficient approach – no more, no less.

Emulating Nature's Efficiency

Nature maintains a consistent tempo no matter the situation.  The sun, for instance, rises and sets each day without fail, and is forever present even on cloudy days. If it ever fails to emerge, we die; and that’s a very simple matter of fact. 

Being of nature, and borne of the same fabric as the universe that created it, we can learn to incorporate the same habits of discipline and consistency that make our ecosystem possible.

Like nature, when we want to do something, we need to put ourselves in the mindset of achievement and throw everything at it. If we don’t, we fail; a very simple matter of fact.

"Occasionally, the world will get more chaotic than normal, and all will seem hopeless; you must strive to find the opportunity within the chaos to gain an edge"