Discipline and Consistency

The only two words make complete and absolute sense in my world

Nature Teaches Everything

I take my cue from Nature because it is studiously consistent, and yet, will occasionally allow for the chaotic disruptions, which create opportunities for change.

Nature is Balance

Nature is the perfect example of balance between meticulous discipline and consistency, on which the earth survives and thrives. I believe that success lies in embracing this same consistent application of a formula, repeated over and over, to finesse a mindset and skillset to excel

Balance allows for Disruption

Occasionally, nature will produce a force or event, that upsets the balance of things, and still adapt to the aftermath.  We are likely to face adversity at some point in life, and must treat these disruptive moments as opportunities for adaptation, growth, and change.

Disruption creates Opportunity

Whenever nature causes disruption, it creates opportunity for change or growth. Likewise, by mastering the consistency of discipline, we become resilient to disruption, and reinforce our ability to identify opportunity even in the middle of disruption, and capitalize on it.